Thursday, 2 May 2013

Live Stream Horse Riding In The World

 Tournaments Of  Horse Riding 
Horse riding is the most popular sport all over the world. Firstly horses were ridden in 4500 BC.
Horses should be  properly trained for the purpose of  riding. Rider also concern with professionals because proper training is necessary for riding. Turkey is most popular country for  horseback riding.
 Three different horse riding tournaments in Turkey are
  • Taurus Mountains Ride 
  • Turkish Riviera Ride  
  • Cappadocia Cross Country Ride
In Pakistan there are many riding schools. Karachi Riding school( KRS) is one of them.
KRS also offer the opportunity to play Polo. KRS polo team performed very well in various tournaments in Lahore .KRS provides help the students to become better riders.University of Agriculture Faisalbad also established riding school in 2002.In the world the only  spannish riding school Vienna has practiced over 440 years. This is traditional riding school.and located between Michaelerplatz & josefsplatz near the Hofburg in central vienna.You can see live streaming of horse riding from all over the world. Different sports TV channels  provide this streaming live.Anywhere in the world you can enjoy live horse riding .You can watch all tournaments,events on live TV channels.


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