Thursday, 2 May 2013

Live Stream Horse Riding In The World

 Tournaments Of  Horse Riding 
Horse riding is the most popular sport all over the world. Firstly horses were ridden in 4500 BC.
Horses should be  properly trained for the purpose of  riding. Rider also concern with professionals because proper training is necessary for riding. Turkey is most popular country for  horseback riding.
 Three different horse riding tournaments in Turkey are
  • Taurus Mountains Ride 
  • Turkish Riviera Ride  
  • Cappadocia Cross Country Ride
In Pakistan there are many riding schools. Karachi Riding school( KRS) is one of them.
KRS also offer the opportunity to play Polo. KRS polo team performed very well in various tournaments in Lahore .KRS provides help the students to become better riders.University of Agriculture Faisalbad also established riding school in 2002.In the world the only  spannish riding school Vienna has practiced over 440 years. This is traditional riding school.and located between Michaelerplatz & josefsplatz near the Hofburg in central vienna.You can see live streaming of horse riding from all over the world. Different sports TV channels  provide this streaming live.Anywhere in the world you can enjoy live horse riding .You can watch all tournaments,events on live TV channels.


Friday, 8 March 2013

Handball Championship 2013

Handball Championship 2013 Information

 The 2013 World Men's Handball Championship was the 23rd World Men's Handball Championship, held in Spain from 11 to 27 January 2013.Spain was pick up the check as World Men's Handball Championship.Spain triumphed the rubric, slaughter Denmark in the final 35-19.Before achieve this reward European Championship have confess big names corresponding to Russia, Germany and Poland to concur,when 2012 championship season policy has been filled.So this the first time Spain wine and dine the phase, availing the award of that epithet.The poll service blessed to befalling of deliberate all the detailed and remain the World Championship's testimony.The most valuable player Mikkel Hansen.

Monday, 4 March 2013

T20 Cricket World Cup

International Cricket Council T20 Schedule


ICC stand for International Cricket Council its start in South Africa in Sept 2007.
its mostly contain in every two years, and all matches are harmonized T20 planetary
status, The first tournament was acquit by India, And second  event succeed by
Pakistan in June 2009, Third time in April 2010 the winners were England,
This was the 1st of all time International Cricket Council gain by England,
The fourth series take for West Indies in Oct 2012.  
March 2013
     Bangladesh vs    Sri lanka
April 2013
May 2013
       New Zealand vs England
June 2013
       New Zealand vs England
July 2013
         Australia vs England 
August 2013
         Australia vs England

Monday, 25 February 2013

List Of World Cups In 2013

                             Countries Hosted World Cups In 2013

There are so many games are play in the world, every region's player participate in game and do every possible effort to win the game for his country.The Games which are played include that
Stick football , Cricket, Hockey, Billiard, Tennis, Basket ball, Snooker ,Golf , Skiing , Snow boarding , chess and Boxing.
The World cups will be occur in 2013 are listed below
In  January 2013 India will be play the tenth Women's Cricket World Cup, in February the biennial World Championships will be take place. In March Switzerland will be host to it's country.
The Rugby League World Cup tournament 2013 will be hosted by United Kingdom and Wales, that matches will be occur in Ireland and France.It will be run from twenty six October to thirty November 2013.
 The FIFA Confederations Cup 2013 will be held in Brazil, that is an international association football tournament.That championship will be occur from fifteen June to thirty June 2013.
 Spain,Uruguay and Italy have the chance to come to be 3rd team after France and Argentina to score all 3 big  FIFA championships (the Confederations Cup,the World Cup and the Olympic football competition).

The 2013 Chess World Cup is a chess game,in which 128 participants will participate.That tournament will be play to expected date enclosed by tenth August to fifth September 2013 in Norway. That match will be consist of 2 games, a participant will ninety minutes for 1st forty moves follow by thirty minutes and thirty addition seconds will be give per move from 1 move. After Regular game the match is tied then the game will be break here and start from break game on next day.

Live Matches Of Football FIFA World Cup IN Brazil

Watch Live FIFA World 2014 Cup free on line:

Football is an amassing international game, Its play all over the world and many countries have a national team,There is so much people whose like football,The first football match played in Brazil was in 1894,Football is taken very seriously in Brazil,The Brazilian National team has won the FIFA world cup tournament five times and is the only team to succeed in qualifying for every World cup,Some of these players can be considered super stars,Now starting FIFA Word Cup 2014 you join us on our blog and see all matches live free online and got a lot of  fun,You entertain yourself as like you see the match in ground of Brazil and enjoy every kick every goal and all moments in a surprising pleasant manner ,It is a big challenge for the six host cities who had worked hard to arrange it.The players of all teams had prepared well because every team want to achieve this big success, Now whose going to win the FIFA World Cup? 2014 FIFA world cup will be played second time in Brazil, its twentieth world cup, it was decided on 30th October 2007 that Brazil host this mega event. Logo of this tournament designed by a Brazilian company which name is Africa,Adidas Brazuca balls which will be used in the matches.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Football Matches Live Free Online

Fantastic Game Of Football Watch Free Online:

The game of the Football is very famous and popular,It is play on local and International level,Many countries have a National team of Football,Peoples like it very much,It is full involvement game because a player took part with total energy,Interesting thing of this game is that play with foot,The National Football 93rd season 2012 has started from 5 September in the New York and finished at 3 February 2013, You visit our blog and watch these matches live free online and enjoy in a best way,You watch any match of football on your internet.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Live Hocky Matches Watch On Internet

A Interesting Game Hockey See Free Online:

Hockey is a very interesting game,Many countries have a Hockey team and some peoples are like it very much,This is a National game of Pakistan,A beautiful thing of this game is that 22 players included two keepers are engaged at a time, Anonymous saying that "Cricket by chance and Hockey by dance"Because every player is in movement all time of the match,The aim of this game is gain a goal and players are trying their best for more goals, A National Hockey game is 60 Minuit in length three periods of 20 Minuit in it,Hockey matches are started and you visit our blog free online and enjoy these matches live, You see old and latest matches on your internet at any time,